Frequently (and not frequently) asked questions
Planning any event can seem daunting at first, especially a wedding!
We strive to be a fountain of knowledge for all our clients. Key advice and useful tips can make the all difference in helping your event run smoothly. Below we have listed the most common questions we get asked, and the questions people sometimes don’t know to ask! We will update this list as and when we think of or get asked more…

The Marquees
What is a sailcloth marquee?
Manufactured by Anchor Industries in the USA, our Aurora sailcloth marquees are similar to traditional pole marquees but with a modern, elegant design. The canopy is held aloft by centre masts and side poles, requiring a 2 meter perimeter for the guys (non-tent translation: ‘straps’) that hold the marquee in place.

Do you need to do a site visit before you build?
Yes, our complimentary site visits give us assurance that the location and ground is suitable, whilst also giving you the chance to meet us discuss placement and layout long before your event.

What happens if the size of marquee we want doesn’t fit or can not be built in our location?
This is rare, but don’t worry! We are experts at finding solutions to this (we once even built over a tree!). But if the marquee simply won’t fit then we can explore nearby locations within our landowner network.

When will you install and de-rig the marquee?
We aim to build a minimum of two days before your event (i.e. Thursday for a Saturday event). This gives you and your other suppliers time to set-up inside the marquee. For a weekend event, we normally de-rig on Monday mornings from around 10am, this gives other suppliers the chance to collect their equipment. We don’t want to create a hassle by putting needless time restrictions on everyone else.

How long does it take for you to build the marquee?
Minimum 4 hours for our smaller marquees, the largest marquee takes up to 10 hours to install dependent on the what items and extras are on a booking.

Do you work weekends?
Yes! Though it’s not our standard hours, we are flexible to accommodate potential access restrictions or time constraints.

What happens if something goes wrong with the marquee during our event?

Whenever our marquees are built, we’re on call. Any issues just give contact us and we will be on hand. We also offer site management for your live event should you require, get in touch for more details.

What if the weather is really bad?
As long as the weather is within the safe limits for our team and the manufacturers ratings on the marquee, we will build. We monitor wind conditions in the lead up and during the time our marquees are installed.

Can we put our own decorations or florals up inside the marquee?
Yes! We love seeing clients put their stamp on our sailcloth marquees’ blank canvas. For any particularly extravagant or heavy installations, please let us know and we can advise.

The Infrastructure
What size generator do we need?
This depends on your power requirements, which is usually heavily dependent on your caterers, especially for weddings! As a rough guide, a 100 person wedding will normally require a minimum of 50kVa. We can guide you through this process and even book the generator for you, liaising with your suppliers to save you being the messenger!

Where do we put caterers?
We offer a catering tent package complete with non-slip hard floor, LED strip-lights and trestle tables. We can change the size and spec depending on your caterers requirements.

What do we do about rubbish if we don’t have bins?
Double check with any caterers or bar companies on their refuse policy. We recommend hiring a mini skip or large refuse collection bags.

our Booking

Please see our Terms & Conditions for more details.

How far in advance should we get in touch to make a booking?
We recommend a minimum of 6 months, for weddings we recommend a year ahead. But fear not, if you have a last minute change of plans or a spur of the moment engagement, we will strive to provide our services if we have availability.

Do we need to pay a deposit?
Yes, we request a 25% deposit to secure your booking. You can adjust the booking after you have paid deposit should your guests numbers change or you require extra items. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more details.

What payment methods do you accept?
Generally we prefer BACS bank transfer, though we do accept card payments. Card payments carry a 1.6% surcharge to cover fees. Should you wish to pay by card, let us know and we can send you a secure payment link.

When is the full amount due?
Your remaining balance is due 28 days before your period of hire. We will give you a reminder, and also check if there’s any last minute changes you wish to make.

Can we change the size of marquee due to changes in guest numbers
Yes, as long as we have availability in our stock, we’re happy to alter your booking.

Can you help with table layouts and site plans?
Yes, we offer this complimentary as part of our overall service. We can recommend and make revisions to your requirements.

It’s unlikely we’ve covered absolutely everything on your mind about your marquee booking, if you have any questions at all, just ask.

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